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Tsavo East National Park

The Tsavo East National Park is famously known for the eye catching red dust-coated elephants. The unique maneless lions, the longest lava plateau – Yatta plateau, and a range of uncommon antelopes. Tsavo East is situated adjacent to Tsavo West National Park. 325 kilometers from Nairobi and 250 kilometers from Mombasa, it is conveniently suited for a quick getaway and airstrips are also available if you need a chartered flight.

Furthermore, this vast park is home to some rare species such as the fringed-eared Oryx, and the Hirola which is especially critically endangered. Other animals that reside here are: lion, Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Giraffe, Crocodile, Hippo, Waterbucks, Gerenuk, Lesser Kudu, and more than 500 bird species.

The park is mostly dry plains, rocks such as the towering Mudanda rock which is a scene to behold, long stretches of grasslands, and scattered shrubs which makes it easier to spot animals. With the palm-shaded River Galana crossing the park, and a few water holes providing drinking water for the animals, you are sure to feast your eyes on the beauty of the majestic Jumbos spraying the blue waters as they quench their thirst.

The climate here is hot and dry with temperatures reaching to 31°C in the day and falling to 20°C at night. The best time to visit is June through October when there is very little rainfall, thinner vegetation, and animals can easily be found at predictable water sources.

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