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Best Holiday Accommodation in Watamu

When in Watamu, you need to stay comfortably, enjoying all that the beach has to offer. Private accommodation is always favorable, as is access to excellent facilities. Here are our top holiday picks for this lovely area. 

  1. Mwanana House

Seclusion is more than what you will get from Mwanana House. It is situated just 400m from Watamu National Marine Park. This provides you the convenience of exploring marine life and getting home to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset from the house. This is a tastefully decorated space featuring comfortable furniture, a large terrace, and garden, plus a large pool. You can access the beach through a private gated path to enjoy ocean vibes and white sand.

  1. Kimya House

From a spectacular swimming pool to a fitness center, Kimya House has everything you could need. As the name suggests, you will enjoy much-earned quiet time here. The area has multiple units, each with a kitchen, bathroom facilities, plus sitting and dining areas. You will also enjoy the facilities in the shared lounge or stroll in the garden for a relaxing time of meditation. Additionally, you can access the barbecue facilities while using the free Wi-Fi to upload beautiful snaps on Instagram. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. 

  1. Baobab Village

This charming little place is located just 10 km from the Watamu National Marine Park. Baobab Village is a beautiful place that stays true to the spirit of the Mediterranean. Each unit comes with ever-functional air conditioning to keep you cool in the hot temperatures. Also, you can snag a unit with a private sitting area for meditation and relaxation. Additionally, you will have access to a dining and kitchen area, plus a private bathroom. The outdoors promises a relaxing dip in the vast waters of the pool, while the timeless design coaxes you to stay a while longer. 

  1. HUHURU House

For free Wi-Fi and much-needed privacy, consider this lovely accommodation. This house boasts premium accommodation, a shared lounge, and well-maintained grounds. Each unit comes with a spectacular view of the grounds. You will also enjoy a private bathroom, kitchen, and dining areas, plus a beverage station. And everything is super clean. The pool is alluring and one of the reasons why visitors like it so much. If you want to spend your vacation lounging or to get some work done in a peaceful environment, then this is the place for you. 

  1. Villa Isla del Amore

For something charming and secluded, consider a luxurious stay at the Villa Isla del Amore. It is a beautiful two-bedroomed house along Jacaranda Road. It is the perfect place for honeymooners and family vacations. The nearest airport is just 14 km away in Malindi for convenient travel. The villa offers a private garden, pool, and spectacular barbecue facilities. Additionally, you can stroll on the terrace luxuriously or visit the Bio-Ken Snake just 2.3 km away. You will be back in time to catch the sunset and prepare dinner. Lastly, take advantage of the 24-hour desk services for checking in and out conveniently. 

  1. Siku Moja 7 Turtle Bay Villas

This is a four-bedroomed house ideal for hosting seven people. It is luxurious, beautiful, and an excellent place for both work and play. The property is just 25 km from the Watamu National Marine Park. The holiday home is ideal for families, boasting a fully-stocked kitchen, a comfortable dining and seating area, and four bathrooms within the home. You will find a charming terrace for relaxing strolls and time to yourself. Additionally, you can lounge by the pool, go for a walk around the area, or take advantage of the barbecue facilities. 

  1. Fortamu-Twiga House

From a luxurious outdoor swimming pool to spectacular views unlike anything you can imagine, this elegant place has so much to offer. The overall design gives you access to an outdoor swimming pool for sunrise and sunset dips. You can also enjoy the garden, a private beach area while taking time to walk on the terrace. Each unit comes with a stunning view of the pool, a fully equipped kitchen, and private bathrooms. Reviews have guaranteed a friendly host to make your stay more magical. Additionally, you can access the beach that is just 200 meters away from your stay. 

  1. Watamu Solana Apartments

Finally, for an authentic one-of-a-kind experience, be sure to stay at the Watamu Solana Apartments. Each unit is a lovely studio apartment with a private patio that introduces you to spectacular views of the pool. Each studio apartment comes with an equipped kitchenette, bathroom, and decorative furniture. The pool is something out of this world and promises to melt away the stress of modern life. The Wi-Fi ensures you stay up to date with everything and is so good; you can use it to work during your stay. 

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