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Kenya Safaris Starting from Nairobi

Nairobi, the African city under the sun, goes down as one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. The city is located centrally at the heart of East Africa. Marking the starting point of many safaris. From the friendly locals to the energetic nightlife and the beautiful wildlife this town is a worth to behold. Not mentioning it is the only capital city bursting with tourist destinations inclusive of the Nairobi National Park. Where you have 117 square kilometers of peaceful savannah and wildlife to enjoy. You get the chance to see the wildlife in their natural habitats, including the graceful antelopes, chattering baboons, giraffes, buffaloes, and hyenas. The park also boasts of hosting the kings of the jungle, the mighty lions alongside leopards. The vast savannah is also home to the endangered black rhinos.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

In addition, another great tourist destination is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The Trust rescues and rehabilitates orphaned baby elephants. Imagine having a chance to bond with the baby elephants directly? Amazing right? Well, this is possible since the Trust encourages visitors to adopt a baby elephant for $50 per year. If you choose to adopt one, then you can visit the baby before their bedtime. The Trust is also home to orphaned rhinos and warthogs, which freely roam the grounds.

Moreover, Nairobi is also home to the Giraffe center, the only sanctuary in a capital city globally. With its location in Karen, it offers you a perfect chance to interact one on one with the world’s tallest animal. The center has a raised platform from where you can feed the giraffes directly, and if you are not scared, then you can plant a peck on them!

In need of souvenirs? Nairobi got you covered with a wide range of markets (some open-air); where you can get yourself some beautiful artifacts to remind you of your tour to Africa.