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Safaris in Tsavo east & Tsavo west National parks

Deep in the savanna, a spectacular park exists, the Tsavo. The park is the largest in Kenya and among the largest parks globally. Tsavo is divided into two parts; Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Tsavo provides for you the out in the wild feeling; whenever you hop into a car for a game drive.

Additionally, you can get to see the big five (buffaloes, elephants, rhinos, leopards, and lions) as you transverse the vast drylands of Tsavo East. Also get to see the famous Tsavo lions. Which, even in their male adulthood, may lack manes totally. With the Galana river gracefully replenishing the wild, it is easier to spot herds of wildlife as they head over for a drink or as they are lazying around on the dryland. The flat nature of the east side of Tsavo explains the Yatta plateau that you will see. The plateau is one of the largest globally.

Tsavo West National Park

On the other hand, in Tsavo West you can expect to experience a wetter environment compared to Tsavo East. Although this side is not as blessed as the Eastside with wildlife, you can see some large animals like the Cape buffalo, black rhino, hippo, leopards, and the Maasai lion. Famous for the man-eating lions that once inhibited the parks in the 19th century. Tsavo West is an excellent tourist destination. It is also home to some small mammals like the bush baby and the hartebeest.

Further, the dense foliage will, however, need you to have a little patience for you to see the wildlife. Mzima springs bring life back to the Tsavo park; as the water rushes, making sounds while at it and replenishing the animals at the park. With its rugged nature, you will get to visit the intriguing Shetani Lava Flow. This volcanic landmark is a stream of black solidified black magma aged 200 years from the nearby Chyulu Hills.

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