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Safaris Starting from Mombasa/Diani Beach

Mombasa is Kenya’s melting pot of a mixture of languages and cultures from around the Indian Ocean. The white sandy beaches and the azure blue waters will form an enchanting memory whenever you think of Mombasa; or the entire Kenyan coast in general. Through the Old Town, it will feel as if you have teleported back to the ancient Arabic precolonial times. The amazing ancient architecture and narrow streets will be therapeutic to you to say the least. The place also packs many curio shops that you can get cool souvenirs to take with you back home.

Moreover, Fort Jesus is another excellent site that will leave you in awe primarily through its human-like shape. Built by the Portuguese, the Fort is now a museum that showcases various historical artifacts used by the Arabs and the Portuguese. Fort officials allow you to make dinner reservations accompanied by some light music and shows.

In addition, Mombasa is also home to various wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The Marine National Park is definitely a place you should consider visiting. Snorkeling in the deep luke-warm coastal waters will give you an unforgettable experience with the underwater world. You can also view sea animals through a glass boat. The park has a variety of marine life species, including:

Dolphins, spinner dolphins, humpback dolphins
Sea urchins, sharks, zebrafish, parrotfish, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, you can also go for diving experience with the park allowing night diving. The marine park also boasts of a lot of aquatic birds that you can watch.

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