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Things to Do At Lake Naivasha

As the second-largest freshwater lake in Kenya, Lake Naivasha has become a wonderful tourist attraction that you must experience at least once in a lifetime. Even though this paradise is not full of predatory animals and big game, the beautiful lake has many attractions and fun activities. It is a tourist destination for different groups; there is something for everyone. Therefore, the next time you want to experience something breathtaking with the promise of adventure, and attractions, head on down to rift valley and pay a visit to the residents of Lake Naivasha.


Lake Naivasha is a large freshwater lake that spreads over 13 km and covers an area of 139 km2. This makes it the second-largest freshwater lake after Lake Turkana. The pristine waters are located in the Eastern branch of the East African Rift System and is part of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. Lake Naivasha is a name derived from the Maasai name Nai’posha that translates to ‘rough water.’ Getting here from Nairobi is an engaging 97 km drive. Prepare for two and a half hours on the road seeing sites, stopping by local markets for souvenirs, and the famous Great Rift Valley View Point for Instagram snaps. 

Activities and Attractions

Lake Naivasha is the charming home of over 450 bird species. If you love bird watching, then you will enjoy your visit to Lake Naivasha. The area offers many opportunities and places to watch indigenous birds in their natural habitat. Expect to be surrounded by a large population of birds as they soar through the air with melodious calls. If you visit between October and March, you will find the highest population thanks to the arrival of migratory birds. Look out for pink-backed pelicans, white-fronted bee-eaters, weavers, and the goliath heroine. 

A trip to Lake Naivasha means heading down to the Crescent Island Game Sanctuary. This enchanting peninsula is located on the eastern side of Lake Naivasha. It is home to over 200 bird species and a collection of different animals. The Crescent Island Game Sanctuary is deservingly nicknamed ‘Lake Naivasha well-kept secret’ because it also has various activities to participate in. Whether you choose to go on a walk, bike through the sanctuary, or go hiking, bring your good camera as you will meet zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, waterbucks, impalas, and elands. It is an immersive experience, perfect for wildlife lovers. 

Speaking of animal sanctuaries, your trip to this beautiful lake should take you directly to the Crater Lake Tented Camp and Game Sanctuary. The sanctuary surrounds a beautiful volcanic crater lake covered with acacias. It is home to different trails for hikers and walking tours. The Crater Lake presents as jade-green and is held in high regard by the local Masai residents. They believe that the alkaline waters of this lake have healing powers. This sanctuary is home to 150 bird species and wildlife species, including giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, and the rare white and black Columbus monkeys. If you are fortunate, you may meet elusive residents such as aardvarks and caracals. You can expect walks around the park to introduce you to these species, close interaction with wildlife. If you are looking for a wonderful camping experience, the sanctuary offers opportunities to sleep under the stars, surrounded by soothing animal noises. 

Most of the time, Lake Naivasha maintains calm waters. This and the scarcity of predators creates the perfect conditions to go boating. You can enjoy an enchanting boat ride surrounded by a cool breeze that gently flutters through your hair. The distant snorts and sounds of wildlife help boost the mood, providing the perfect ambiance for relaxation. This experience becomes more stunning when you look up and see the breathtaking flight of enormous birds moving directly above you. 

While exploring Lake Naivasha’s surrounding areas, you are sure to come across a hiking opportunity courtesy of Mt. Longonot. You will meet this strato-volcano, southeast of Lake Naivasha, just 16 km away. Hiking up Mt. Longonot is a must-do adventure for anyone who visits the Great Rift Valley. You will join the ranks of many other adventurers who have conquered this beautiful mountain. Getting there is a short, interactive trip from the lake. Scaling the mountain is stimulating and rewarding. You will see and interact with some of the wildlife, including buffaloes and antelopes, along the way. 

Weather, Best Time To Visit, and What to Wear

Lake Naivasha is located in Naivasha town, which is 1898 meters above sea level. This gives it warm temperatures for most of the year. Temperatures reach an average of 16.8 °C so that you can explore the lake comfortably during any month. However, we recommend visiting from October to catch the population of migrating birds. When packing, be sure to bring breathable and comfortable fabrics. Also, pack a jacket for hiking trips and also because the nights get a little chilly. Pack comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and baseball caps.