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Things to do at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Kenya

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has a history that spreads over decades. It began as a cattle ranch under the Craig Family ownership. This was back in 1920 as part of a colonial settlement program. Years later, in 1980, part of the ranch converted into a sanctuary for the black rhino species.

Moreover, this is because their population had reduced to less than 300 at the time because of poaching activities. Then in 1995, the Conservancy was founded, and with it came the expansion of the area to the entire farm as well as part of the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve. Today, it stands at 62,000 acres of protected land that was recently named as part of Mount Kenya’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is so much to do and see here, making it a great place to go on safari. The grounds are accessible and suitable for individuals, groups, and families. If you have been dreaming about going on safari, there is no better place to start than here.


The conservancy is found south of the town of Isiolo. Near the famous Laikipia Plateau in Laikipia County. This is a chance to explore Northern Kenya and see what it has to offer. Getting there is a fun road trip ideal for large groups. It is a four-hour drive along a road full of scenery and a great local market to stop over for souvenirs from Nairobi. You can also travel by air through a direct flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. You will land in the conservancy’s private airstrip. It is convenient and fast because there are daily scheduled flights.


This conservancy is home to an array of animals that you will get to see. The first activity you should participate in is guided game drives within the conservation. You will get to see a lot of animal interactions in their natural habitats. One notable population you will encounter is the zebra population. Noted for being one of the most beautiful animals in the world, the zebras are a vital part of the conservancy. Lewa is home to the world’s largest population of Grevy’s zebras, so bring your camera for amazing pictures.

In addition, you can go bird watching to see some of the 400 species of birds that live here. Experience a shower of soft calls from different birds as they soar in the sky and mingle with each other in various habitats. During your bird-watching routine, you will also see the beautiful flora that homes these birds.

Nature Walk Safaris

Walking safaris are a must-do if you like to interact with the wildlife from a close perceptive. Sign up for the activity and follow your guide into the best places to see a collection of animals, including zebra and giraffes. During this walk, you may also see local Maasai Morans grazing their cattle. Keep your eye open for the king of the jungle, ruling peacefully, overgrazing elephants and antelopes.

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Furthermore, Lewa serves as a refuge for the critically endangered black rhino. Poachers hunted the species nearly to extinction, but thanks to the efforts of the conservancy, the population is slowly picking up. Your visit here may be the only chance you have to see this species. If this experience is not enough for you, you could sign up for a night game drive with an armed guide. This is a chance to see all the nocturnal creatures mingling within the conservancy. This perspective is quite rewarding for anyone who loves animals.

Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve

While you are at the conservancy, be sure to visit the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve to see even more bird species. It is also here that you will see the Black and White Colobus Monkeys. This is an interactive activity but also an opportunity to learn about the species.

Because this is a conservancy, you will have access to learn about the conservancy efforts that go into keeping the area vibrant. Through different conservancy tours, you can learn about the history and how the protected area received community conservation awards. You will also learn about the day-to-day operations of the conservancy. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be part of the cause by donating to the community’s efforts.

Take your Kids for a Nature Walk

Additionally, if you are with the kids, they will enjoy the camel rides and horse rides availed in a part of the conservancy. The place also has different restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy Kenyan-style meals and traditional barbecues.

Finally, the trip cannot end without a visit to a nearby Masai or Samburu cultural village. Here you will mingle with the interactive locals. Prepare to indulge and learn about their vibrant culture, as well as how they live and interact with each other. In these villages, you and find little souvenirs and keepsakes to help you remember your trip.