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What to Do At Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

For a captivating experience right outside Kenya’s capital, you should consider the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park. This is an alluring national park that promises adventure and the chance to explore at every turn. It is the ideal experience for people who love physical activity, sleeping out in the wilderness, and viewing species of the region. Additionally, you will have the chance to see breathtaking sights against a lush green backdrop. This is the experience that Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park promises. And if you still aren’t convinced, keep reading. 

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Deservingly nicknamed ‘the ultimate panoramic experience,’ the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park is one of the most breathtaking places you will visit. It is located in Machakos County in Kenya, in the Kyanzavi division, just 65 kilometers from Nairobi.

The park sits in an area surrounded by forest mountain peaks. Thanks to its position, you will get breathtaking panoramic views of Athi River, the pineapple fields of Thika, plus the peaks of both Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. 

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park sits on an area of 20 square kilometers and is home to various wildlife species. The park has been running since 1967. It sits on the slopes of Ol Donyo Sabuk, which translates to ‘big mountain’ as coined by Masai pastoralists. The mountain is also known as Kilimambogo, ‘Buffalo Mountain’ to the Kikuyu, thanks to the large population of buffaloes. 

What to Do At the Park

There are plenty of activities to participate in at the park. Similarly, you will have a chance to view species and settings. The highlight of the park is an array of animals and birds that call this place home. Whether you choose to go on a game drive, hike, or walking safari, you can be sure that you will meet many animals along the way. 

If you choose to go on a walking safari, always ensure that you go with a trained tour guide as there are a lot, so f wild animals roaming the park. Expect to see multiple herds of buffaloes around the area. Additionally, you will meet with white colobus monkeys, as well as the Sykes monkeys. 

Leopards are hard to miss, and it is here that you will see species such as the olive baboon, duiker, mongoose, bush pigs, aardvarks, tree and ground squirrels, Kirk’s dik-dik, waterbucks, bush babies, porcupines, impalas, and more. 

This park also has 45 bird species, so plan to go bird watching. Expect to see the bronze sunbird in its natural habitat. Additionally, you will see species such as the helmeted guinea fowl, grey headed sparrow weaver, white browed sparrow weaver, African hawk-eagle, ring necked dove, mourning dove, purple breasted sunbird, and augur buzzard. The wet seasons see bird migrations into the park, so expect to see a lot more.

Hiking is always a must when you visit the park. Ol Donyo Sabuk presents 10 kilometers of rugged terrain to the peak for people who love adventure coupled with physical activity. This hike is achievable, sometimes in as little as 2 hours. But it is all worth it as you will enjoy a breathtaking sight of the surrounding areas. 

You cannot leave the park just yet, as there is a vast space for people who want to make it an overnight trip. All you need is your camping equipment, and you will have a great time sleeping under the stars.

You can roast maize by the fire and bond with family surrounded by the lulling sounds of nature. The sunrise from this area is beautiful and should put you in a good mood for a bit more exploration.

If you want lunch, the park offers a beautiful picnic ground where you can relax, have some good food, and a relaxing ambiance to fuel you with energy for the rest of the day. As for breathtaking scenery, we encourage you to visit Fourteen Falls, located on Athi River.

This romantic backdrop is ideal for sharing with your loved one. It is also a religious and traditional site for Asians living in the area. They spread the ashes of their loved ones in the waters they believe deliver to their home countries. 

And finally, you can enjoy a clear view of Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. Hopefully, it will inspire you to plan a trip to these adventurous mountains. 

Climate and Clothes

Since the park lies at the slope of a mountain, temperatures can get very low. Therefore, the ideal wardrobe includes warm clothes, especially for the evening. Pack layers that you can take off when the temperatures rise in the day. Additionally, plain dull colors such as khaki are a must if you plan on participating in game viewing. Moreover, you will need a good pair of hiking boots for the hike. You can also pack sunscreen and sunglasses if the sun’s rays affect you.