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Where To Travel In 2022

The New Year is coming, and you should make plans to travel to Kenya. Whether you are a local or foreign tourist, you can enjoy everything that Kenya has to offer.

We particularly love beach destinations and safari adventures. We highly recommend at least one of them.

Therefore, as you usher in the New Year, plan to visit any of the following places:

Beach Destinations

  • Diani Beach

Diani beach is one of the leading beach destinations in Africa. It is an internationally-recognized destination, having won Africa’s Leading Beach Destination award for five years in a row (2014 to 2019).

Diani is characterized by stunning lush greenery, sparkling sandy beaches, and the beautiful warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

You can rent a villa, Airbnb, or hotel for a chance at relaxation. But it will only be for accommodations as the environment and weather are too nice for you to stay inside.

And when you need a break from beach vibes and sunbathing, you can visit the nearby conservancy and art gallery. 

  • Chale Islands

Although many do not know, Chale Island is a romantic beach escape ideal for honeymooners and anyone looking to bond with an SO.

It is located 600 meters from the mainland, 10 kilometers south of Diani. On the island, you get to explore the two sides.

First, you will stay on the resort side, featuring acres of indigenous forests and a white-sand bay protected by beautiful coral.

The other side is the forest or kaya, which is as mystical as it is stunning. Therefore, do not expect to spend too much of your time indoors. 

Safari Destinations

  • Masai Mara Reserve

The wildlife hub of Kenya is one of the places you should visit, especially if you have never been. Masai Mara National Reserve is a safari destination in Kenya that has received international recognition.

The reserve promises to be everything spectacular in wildlife and stunning views. You can watch all the big five in their natural habitat on game drives, walking safaris, and hot air balloon trips.

Additionally, prepare yourself for a chance at The Great Wildebeest Migration on the Mara River.

You can stay at the luxury Governor’s Camp and sleep under a magical star-filled sky with wildlife ambiance sounds.  

  • Saltlick Safari Lodge

As one of the most photographed safari sites globally, saltlick boasts stunning views and visitors from all over the world.

Saltlick Safari Lodge is a classy and peaceful lodge near Tsavo. The lodge features beautiful rooms atop stilts and loving over several watering holes.

Below is an open lounge, and you can expect animal visitors 24/7, thanks to its lucrative positioning.

Nearby, you can visit an animal’s conservancy, and the sunsets are always magical here. Even a night’s stay at the lodge promises to create lasting memories. 

  • Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is divided into two, Tsavo East and Tsavo West. Either of the parks is worth a visit if you want to go on a safari.

The parks have a Savanah vibe, featuring lots of animals and bird species. Expect to see herds of elephants, predators, and even small creatures.

You can stay at one of the many lodges and camping sites around the parks for as long as you like.

The park is not short of activities, but you will mostly enjoy the thrilling game drives in the morning. 

Additionally, you can go bird watching and even explore on foot with a guide. 

Again the scenery is fantastic, and you will love everything that these majestic parks have to offer.

  • Amboseli National Park

And finally, you can visit the Amboseli National Park. The beautiful park has a stunning background of the peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The scenery has been an inspiration for many films, including a scene in the Lion King.

Amboseli has lots of wildlife creatures, and you can comfortably explore via game drive. You can also go bird watching.

Like Tsavo, you will have access to comfortable lodge and camp accommodations. Your stay here features beautiful sunset and sunrise every day.

So the next time you want to explore the beauty of Kenya, be sure to go to at least one of these destinations.

Diani Beach is incredibly exceptional because it acts as a gateway to all of the safari destinations on this list.

So you can have it all, a relaxing beach vacation followed by an adventurous safari.